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Akatsuki Inc., a Japanese entertainment and technology company, is making a foray into the field of kids animation in India. For which the company did a survey ‘What Indian Parents Want From Animated Content For Kids’ based on Kids Animation. This survey was done in 10 metro cities of India like Delhi, Gurgaon, Mumbai, Pune, Kanpur, Guwahati, Bangalore. The basis of this survey was the reason parents chose animation content for children and the time they were online for children’s animation content.

Key observations of the survey:

• 69% of Indian parents feel that due to the COVID-19 wave, children are now spending more time watching animation content online. Now children watch animation content online for an average of 4-6 hours a week.

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• 75% of parents choose content for their children on the basis of mouth publicity.
• The first 5 most voted content IPs are: Cocomelan, Peppa Pig, Shinchan, Doraemon and Tom and Jerry
• English is the preferred language for content, followed by the top 3 regional languages ​​- Tamil, Telugu and Bengali.

The animation industry has grown tremendously in the last few years. Due to the increasing trend of online classes due to Kovid, animation content has become a means of both education and entertainment for children. And now the consumption of animation content has increased a lot. 69% of parents who took part in this survey also agree with this. According to the survey, the average online time for animation content among children today is 4-6 hours weekly.

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The survey revealed an interesting fact that despite OTT platforms like Netflix, Amazon Prime, Disney+ Hotstar, 26% of parents chose television to show animation. Due to which it still remains one of the first three platforms for kids animation content. Although the first choice of 76% is still YouTube, after which 57% of the likes are Netflix i.e. OTT. This clearly shows the growing gap between linear and digital media.

The survey proved another fact that the biggest reason for kids and parents clicking any animation was the entertainment value of the animation content. 64% of people chose animation content on the basis of entertainment while 35% chose content based on educational quality.

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In this age of digital media and marketing, Indian parents still rely on word-of-mouth recommendations for choosing animation content. 75% of parents still choose animation content for children on this basis. 28% of Indian parents choose on the basis of OTT recommendation, 20% on the basis of parenting communities while the remaining 10% on the basis of traditional news.

Overall, the survey assessed that the demand for entertainment based English animation content is high and in today’s world Youtube and television are its most popular platforms. Akatsuki is a Japanese entertainment company headquartered in Tokyo.

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Developed and published mobile games and animations … was started in 2010 and went public on the Tokyo Stock Exchange in 2016. Akatsuki has so far created many successful games and animations played around the world.

Yuki Kawamura, Head of Business Development and Partnerships, Akatsuki Inc. says, “At Akatsuki, we are committed to bringing entertaining and meaningful animation IPs to underprivileged children in India.

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We want to tailor our content roadmap to the on-ground realities and requirements here. This survey is a first step in that direction and the results have reinforced our confidence in the growing demand for children’s animation in India and our ability to synergize our IP.”


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The post What is the first choice of 76% Indian parents for kids animation instead of OTT? see for yourself appeared first on PressWire18.

The post What is the first choice of 76% Indian parents for kids animation instead of OTT? see for yourself appeared first on Hindi Newz.

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