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Samsung fined crores
Violation of market competition rules
the case of the Netherlands

New Delhi. One of the Top Brands of Global Electronics Products Samsung Is. Today Samsung has become a trusted brand due to its wide range of electronics products. It is the best selling brand in TV, Refrigerator, AC, Washing Machine, Smartphone, any kind of Electronics Products. But recently something has happened that has dented the reputation of Samsung and the company has been fined about $ 46 million i.e. about Rs 350 crore. So let’s know that reason.

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What is the whole matter:

recently samsung In the Netherlands, the market has been caught in the case of violation of competition rules. There, Samsung has been involved in price-fixing with online retailers, which has been taken very seriously by the Netherlands Authority for Consumer and Market. Samsung’s action is considered a violation of the market competition rules there, due to which the authority on Wednesday announced a hefty fine of $ 46 million, or about Rs 350 crore.

Online retailers in the Netherlands are still selling TVs at fixed prices for 2013-2018. Samsung was constantly pressurizing them to increase the price, fixing the retail price by any brand is against the rules there and this action of Samsung was considered against the rules of market competition in the Netherlands. After which the Authority for Consumer and Market (ACM) of the Netherlands has announced a fine on the brand.

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It is worth noting that in the Netherlands, retailers are free to set the price of television according to their own. No television manufacturing company can force retailers to fix the price. ACM Board Chairman Martijn Snoep said that due to pressure from Samsung to increase the price, the retailers had to increase the price of the television. In such a situation, it is clearly a case of price fixing, which is in contempt of the rules of market competition here.

It is being told that in the investigation, e-mails and WhatsApp made by Samsung to the retailers have been found as evidence. While expressing displeasure in this whole matter, Samsung has said that there has been no violation of rules on their part and the company will appeal against the decision of ACM.


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The post Such a big violation! Samsung fined crores, know what went wrong with the company appeared first on PressWire18.

The post Such a big violation! Samsung fined crores, know what went wrong with the company appeared first on Hindi Newz.

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