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Bollywood has been passionate about exploring international locations and shooting at the most exotic locations around the world for decades. Be it a romantic song, an action sequence or a particular place or destination, such places have always been the choice of Hindi cinema. On this, you will also agree with us that due to the places shown in the films, there is a competition among people to visit, we like the unknown and beautiful cities shown in the films so much that the next day we will visit those places. But start planning to travel. One such place is Huntsville in Alabama (USA)! Huntsville is located in northern Alabama.
It is most famous because of NASA’s Marshall Space Flight Center. Huntsville USA It is the third largest city in the United States and has a substantial Indian American population. Many people in this city (like America) are crazy about superstar Shah Rukh Khan and Bollywood movies. Even though Huntsville doesn’t fall in the top sightseeing category, shooting for the movie ‘Zero’ has changed everything here. Today in this article we are going to tell you about the shooting of Zero film in Huntsville. If you are also a fan of Shahrukh Khan, then definitely visit these places.

US Space & Rocket Center – US Space & Rocket Center

The US Space and Rocket Center is the largest space museum in the world. It has more than 1500 space artifacts on display. These include rockets, spacecraft, simulators, engines and practical demonstrations. It is one of the tourist attractions in Alabama, where you can see achievements and artifacts of the US space program. There is also a Rocket Garden where a wide range of rockets are on display. The youth can spend some memorable time here and can also attend the Astronaut Training Camping. It is located at the center where the rocket to take man to the Moon was developed. You’ll find information about NASA’s current plans to visit Mars and Huntsville’s role in it.

In Zero movie: The US Space and Rocket Center has already appeared in several English films as Space Warriors, Spacecamp and Beyond the Stars. This is the place in the film Zero where Shahrukh Khan gets training to go to space.

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Hindu Cultural Center of Alabama in Harvest – Hindu Cultural Center of Alabama in Harvest

The Hindu Cultural Center houses a majestic white-coloured temple called Sarvajana Mandir, built in the traditional Hindu architectural style. The center provides all kinds of religious and cultural services. Scholarly discussions on Hindu mythology and philosophy take place here, along with religious chants in the form of bhajans, prayers, satsangs and pujas. It is a hub of educational, cultural, and religious activities, and is located approximately 30 minutes from downtown Huntsville.

In Zero movie: There is a temple scene in the film where Anushka gets married; where they are shot. A lot of local people also gathered in Indian dress to shoot this scene.

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Von Braun Center in Huntsville

The sprawling Von Braun Center is spread over 3.7 lakh square feet of space. It is a multi-purpose indoor arena where performing arts and complex exhibitions are held. Playhouses, a concert hall, a music hall, restaurants and several halls for performances can be found. It is a concert hall with a seating capacity of 10,000 people. Smith concert hall ballets to Broadway performances, concerts take place throughout the year. Some of the most popular events at the Von Braun Center are the Heads N’ Tails – Crawfish Boil and Craft Beer (May), the Family Fun Festival and Expo (June) and the Von Bruski Beer Festival (February).

In Zero movie: Anushka gives a speech in the second part of the film, which is shot in the halls of the Von Braun Center.

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Huntsville Botanical Garden – Huntsville Botanical Garden

The Huntsville Botanical Garden spans 112 acres, is one of Alabama’s top tourist attractions, and is open year-round. It has a beautiful aquatic garden, a wildflower garden, a Bible garden, a huge open-air butterfly house, daylily garden, dogwood trees, fern glades, and many other types of flowers and plants. There is also a children’s garden with eight themed areas and a lake.

Zero in the movie : The scene where Anushka is talking to Madhavan during the wedding sequence is from Huntsville Botanical Garden.

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Grill 29 – Restaurant in Huntsville – Grill 29 – Fine Dining in Huntsville

This is one of the most decorated restaurants in Huntsville. There are three interesting stories behind the number 29 of this place. The reason for giving the number 29 to the restaurant is linked to the age of the youth, where they can go about their life best at this age. Also, in the periodic table, the number 29 represents copper. Because of which the whole place is decorated with copper. Also the wines served in this restaurant come from Route 29. The seafood here is very tasty, where you can order scallops, shrimps, grits and the famous steak.

In Zero movie: In the film, the same was shot for Shah Rukh Khan and his co-stars eating lunch. Restaurant staff also take an active part in the scene.

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The post Alabama’s Huntsville, which became famous after Shah Rukh Khan’s ‘Zero’, is no less than a paradise appeared first on PressWire18.

The post Alabama’s Huntsville, which became famous after Shah Rukh Khan’s ‘Zero’, is no less than a paradise appeared first on Hindi Newz.

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